Taxicab Line Regulations

July 23, 2014 / 0 Comments

As you know, HAWDC works closely with the DC Taxicab Commission to ensure that the District and taxicab industry strive to deliver the best taxicab service possible to visitors to our city.  As a part of that collaboration, HAWDC would like to remind Members of the below regulations when operating a taxicab line in front of your hotel.

  • Taxicab lines may be occupied only by a District of Columbia licensed taxicab that is available for hire.
  • Taxicabs shall be placed on stands only from the rear and shall be moved forward and to the front of the stand immediately as space becomes available by the departure or movement of preceding taxicabs. It shall be within the passenger’s discretion to determine which taxicab to engage on a taxi stand.
  • No taxicab shall loiter in front of a hotel or in the vicinity of a taxicab stand which is occupied to full capacity.  Specifically, there shall be no stopping, except to either take on or discharge a passenger, or unnecessarily slow driving.
  • Doormen or front-line staff shall not exclude any licensed District taxicab operator from picking up passengers at a taxicab stand or other location where taxicabs are regularly allowed to pick up passengers on the hotel premises.  Hotels and their employees who do not follow this rule may receive a fine of three hundred dollars ($300), or imprisonment for not more than ninety (90) days, or both.
  • Limousine and digital hail vehicles (i.e. Uber, Hailo, Lyft, etc.) may be used only if: 1) they are registered and display valid and current livery tags from the District Department of Motor Vehicles; 2) the trip is not booked in response to a street hail; 3) they do not accept cash payment for services – all financial transactions must be done with a credit card on-file with the car service prior to entering the vehicle.
  • Limousine or digital hail vehicles that were not previously hired by a customer through a dispatch service or digital means may not advance in front of any duly licensed taxicab that is waiting in cue in a designated taxicab line.

Please remind your doormen and front-line staff of these regulations and the potential for penalties to them and the hotel as the Taxicab Commission reserves the right to enforce these regulations at will.